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The leading tanning and skincare brand Marc Inbane, known worldwide for their appreciation of natural ingredients and natural beauty, worked with our artists on their most recent campaign in Brazil. This Netherlands based brand, which sells a collection of high end vegan and cruelty free tanning formulas and skincare products, collaborated with our artists again after a successful first partnership. We enjoy working together with brands that share our love for purity, as they truly inspire our artists.

It came as no surprise that Marc Inbane partnered with Michelle van Dijk for photography and Juliette den Ouden for hair and make-up. Throughout her career, Michelle has shown a love for capturing beauty in its rawest and most natural form. As for Juliette, she has been at the top of the hair and make-up artistry industry for quite a while and she brings her passion and experience to every job. When pairing Michelle and Juliette together, they end up creating magic. After having worked together as often as they have, they know instinctively what the other person wants and don’t need words to communicate. They definitely are a dream team.

Our team decided to let Brazil be the inspiration for this campaign. The beauty of Brazil and her unique backdrops was a perfect combination with the Marc Inbane products. Together with a local team of Brazilian professionals, our artists shot this campaign on multiple locations. These locations were scouted from our office in Amsterdam and with the help of our Brazilian production team.

One of the advantages of creating photoshoots in different countries is being able to work with wonderful people like Leco Moura (photographer and videographer) and Matheus Martins (stylist). We are beyond excited to announce that Leco will come to Europe this summer to collaborate with us on upcoming projects.


Photography: Michelle van Dijk
Hair & Make-up artist: Juliette den Ouden
Model: Lais

After this great experience, our artists couldn’t wait to return to Brazil to create more beautiful work together. Michelle and Juliette traveled back to Brazil to collaborate with each other and Leco once again. We will tell you about this trip in an upcoming blogpost, coming soon! For more information and inquiries, go to our website.

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